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by Dominic Calabro

There is no doubt that Florida’s property tax system needs to be reformed. This current inequitable system, coupled with rapidly increasing local government spending, has produced tremendous tax increases for many taxpayers. Unfortunately, these are not the taxpayers that Amendment 1 would help. The Legislature’s need to pass something “people will vote for,” coupled with a sincere desire to help Floridians who cannot afford to move because of higher taxes, resulted in a proposal that is not only unsatisfactory but also likely to be detrimental. Not to mention that one of the provisions may be unconstitutional.

Amendment 1 is bad policy for a number of reasons.

Amendment 1 does not provide the kind of tax relief that Florida needs. It gives most of the relief to those who need it the least (long-term Save Our Homes property), while giving very little to those that have seen their taxes rise the most (non-homestead property). Homeowners who have been in their homes since Save Our Homes was enacted have lower tax bills today than they did in 1994, in inflation-adjusted dollars. Everyone else has paid for the doubling of total Florida property taxes in the last six years. It is new homebuyers and non-homesteaders–landlords and renters, businesses, second and vacation homeowners, snowbirds and even homesteaders who also own non-homestead property–who has shouldered the burden of increasing property taxes. However, the amendment bestows 80% of its savings to homestead properties, leaving far too little the non-homestead property owners currently suffering the most.

Amendment 1 is not just a tax cut; it is a tax shift. It will perpetuate the current system and exacerbate the shift of tax burden from homestead to non-homestead property. It will also continue to shift tax burden to new homeowners.

Simply put, the 10% cap for non-homestead property is so high as to be of little value to most properties. The average annual growth in the total value of non-homestead properties is less than 5%. And since school taxes are not covered under the cap, it only applies to approximately 60% of the average tax bill. It could help some properties with extraordinary spikes in value, but even that help could be short-lived. If a covered property’s just value does not rise as much as the cap, the assessment can still increase 10%, as long as it does not exceed just value. Therefore, it will be very hard for the vast majority of non-homestead properties to accumulate any savings. The cap will also be repealed in ten years, unless voters re-approve it.

The lack of Save Our Homes “portability” is a real problem that needs to be addressed, but the way Amendment 1 provides it creates some serious constitutional concerns. A legal expert hired by the Legislature warns of “100% certainty” of a constitutional challenge to the amendment on the grounds that portability violates the U.S. Commerce Clause. Besides the legal concerns, another economic report commissioned by the Legislature for $500,000 states “Portability increasingly shifts the tax burden from longer-term residents to newer, less affluent, homeowners and to non-homestead properties.” The legislature has largely ignored these experts – the voters should not.

The proposal does not restrict local governments’ ability to increase millage rates to recoup revenue losses, thereby lessening the savings for some and shifting more tax burden to others. While there will be significant political pressure to keep millage rates down, some governments will surely adjust rates to recoup at least some of the taxpayer savings. Not to mention increasing non-ad valorem assessments and other fees.

Perhaps most importantly: If voters approve this new amendment, future attempts to reform non-homestead property taxes will be extremely difficult. By providing more benefits to homesteaders and attempting to fix problems Save Our Homes created for them, this would make it much more difficult to create a future constitutional amendment to help non-homestead property that would garner the 60% voter support needed to pass. Proponents, most of which acknowledge some of the amendment’s shortcomings, like to say this is a “first step.” Instead, it could well be the death of hope for comprehensive property tax reform.

Although many Floridians of all types are struggling with property taxes, property tax reform must include real relief for renters, new homebuyers, second homeowners, and businesses. These groups drive the Florida economy and yet are saddled with the largest portion of the tax burden. This system is unfair and unsustainable. If something is not done, these groups (largely unrepresented at the polls) will “vote with their feet.”

Voters must acknowledge there is no such thing as a free ride. Unfair taxes on one group of taxpayers have ramifications for all taxpayers. Businesses, whenever possible, will pass along the higher property taxes they pay through increased prices of their goods and services purchased by all Floridians. Those businesses that cannot, and those renters and part-time residents that cannot, will be priced out of doing business or living in Florida. If that happens, all Floridians will suffer.

Florida can, and must, do better. Sound advice for amending the constitution is “when in doubt, leave it out.” But we are convinced there is more than just doubt, there is plenty of evidence that this is not the right thing for Florida’s taxpayers and economy. Some people say, “well at least its something.” Instead, we caution this is a step backwards.

When amending the constitution, you must get it right. Amendment 1 does not get it right.

Dominic Calabro is executive director of Florida TaxWatch. For more information on property taxes and Florida TaxWatch’s recommendations for reform see www.floridatwatch.org.

To see the CPR analysis of Amendment One, please visit: http://www.proprights.com and click on the lower left hand corner.


Do We Protect Our Children Or Sexual Deviates? Part 4

Abortion 3In the previous postings in Parts 1, 2 and 3, I mentioned some of the actions and involvements in our children’s lives regarding Planned Parenthood (PP). You might not consider most women who have abortions as “sexual deviates” but I do since they are having an abortion 93% of the time because of having had consensual sex, not being raped, not wanting to take responsibility for their own birth control and we have to pay for all of it.

For parents and their children, Planned Parenthood is a VERY dirty business. Their main concern is nothing more than the bottom line on their financial spread sheet. They don’t care about your daughters or your sons for that matter.

Why is it Americans can get so upset when physical harm is done to an animal but not a human being? There are more of us than them!

Former PP employees have become whistleblowers and their stories are very similar. They are certainly NOT supposed to show any compassion to the women or girls walking into their clinics to participate in an act of murder. They are spending more time instructing them now on how to have safe sexual bondage/sadomasochism, including gagging, whipping, defecation, emulating pornography, and going to sex stores to “get educated.

http://youtu.be/4WNsKJkru2A    http://youtu.be/pE1feXDfsyc

The Whole Truth Behind Planned Parenthood!

Whether you approve of abortion or not is certainly a personal issue, however I take issue with PP getting rich off of the practice using our tax dollars and with PP’s practice of teaching our children how to have various kinds of sex rather them teaching abstention.

Planned Parenthood in the past few years has grown into a barter for sex among our high school students then offering them the abortions to get rid of the result of that sexual activity to go back and do it again.

Who are these people who work in these abortion clinics and join in this grotesque merry-go-round of evil? The legislators set it up so the young girls don’t have to have their parent’s permission to have an abortion, but they can’t take an aspirin at school. What kind of sick system is this?

GosnellThe news comes out about a gross so called “doctor” like Kermit Gosnell and the parent’s spend a few days “saying that’s terrible”, “I wouldn’t let someone like him touch my daughter”. Really? What are you going to do to stop it?

What about these people who made it possible for someone like Gosnell do his evil deeds? They stay and watch, assist the man and also fail to report the cases of rape against these girls – these poor children are being assaulted over and over again.

To make matters worse, it is not just the rapists who are aided by PP, but the pedophiles too. They count on PP NOT reporting the cases of rape and in some cases torture of these young girls. How do these workers sleep at night? Just a job?

A recent report done by Life Dynamics found that pedophiles rely on the help from abortion clinics to ensure that their crimes never come to light. Reading all the incidences against children, it is self-evident that when a minor girl seeks an abortion, she represents a textbook example of why mandatory reporting laws were created in the first place.

Are you aware that 60-80% of girls 15 and under that get pregnant are impregnated by adult men?

The additional horror in all of this is the law enforcement community is functionally indifferent to the problem of abortion clinics not complying with mandatory reporting statutes even in the face of irrefutable evidence that violations are occurring. I guess they have bigger fish to fry. What if it was their daughter?

Mark Crutcher, President of Life Dynamics states, “Among all the cases we researched – whether they are included in this report or not – we never found one example in which criminal charges were brought against an abortion clinic employee for failing to comply with their state’s mandatory reporting statutes. This was true even when this failure was (a) noted during the investigation and/or trial and (b) was a direct contributor to subsequent assaults on these children. In some cases, the abortion clinics flaunting of these laws even resulted in sexual assaults being committed against other underage girls”.

The evidence is clear and the facts are laid out for you: a pedophile’s best friend is his neighborhood abortion clinic. Yet, we do nothing. Our government and our justice system do nothing to prosecute the lawbreakers at the abortion clinics who allow these young girls to get raped and tortured over and over again.

I can’t help going back to Part 2 when I explained the “fisting event” at Brookline High School in Brookline, MA where Planned Parenthood, a long-time GLSEN ally, brought enough “fisting” kits for everyone at the 2005 event and laid them out on their table for all to take.  Massachusetts News reported, “Out of approximately 650 attendees, about 400 of those were students.

The Little Black BookNot only that, the “Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century was distributed to hundreds of kids (middle school age and up) at the high school that day. It was written by the Boston-based AIDS Action Committee, with help with the MA Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission with financial support from GLSEN.

And the school system allowed this – do these teacher’s need their jobs so much that they are unwilling to protect these young things in their charge? I guess none of them have children or have most definitely fallen into the hole of evil.

Not only have abortion clinics been part of the greatest genocide our planet has ever seen – the legal murder of some 60 million children to date – but now we also find that they are part and parcel of a system that allows millions of other children to be tortured by sadistic perverts who rely on abortion providers for anonymity.

And you can’t understand the growth in Human Trafficking? I promise you that for every person that comes up missing and there is never a body found, the business of Human Trafficking has them no matter the age.

Sexual predators or pedophiles if you will, never stop with their own children either. They move on, intimidating the child beyond belief, raping time after time, yet once the rape is eventually examined by the authorities and the perpetrator is arrested and locked up, the abuse stops immediately.

As an adult, you may believe you have a right to choose between life or death, and for that I feel sorry for you in that you took the easy way out. But a young child is not given the freedom to be a child. She sees no way out of her torture nor does she understand that she is now pregnant and additionally has her parents to deal with. She is ridden with guilt placed there by her perpetrator destroying her very soul.

Planned Parenthood is guilty of murder and the destruction of our children’s very childhood. Parents you need to step up!

Cecile Richards 4Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood who is paid in excess of $400,000 a year for being the one and only CEO of LEGALIZED MURDER and is a life-long “community organizer and activist”, is married to Kirk Adams, who has also been a lifelong labor union organizer and has risen to executive vice president of Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.

Just to remind you – the sexual deviation business is being paid for by some heavy hitters – not to mention your own money.

DONORS:  Wal-Mart, Neiman Marcus, Adobe (software), Wachovia, Altria, Nike, Time Warner, Bank of America, Dallas Cowboys, CIGNA, Walt Disney, Cost Plus World Market, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, Whole Foods Market, The American Cancer Society, Camp Fire, The Dr. Phil Foundation, Girls Inc., Kiwanis Clubs, Girl Scouts, Rotary Clubs, March of Dimes, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, YWCA and Nationwide.

Our Federal government is as responsible for the murder of these babies as are these organizations/businesses. Legislative seats filled with Progressives (communists) and at the very least far left social justice freaks, have played right into the hands of people like Alice LaTrobe Bateman, aka Alice Bailey, Karl Marx, Margaret Sanger, George Soros, Rockefeller family and the Gates Foundation – all of whom are eugenists.

Clinic’s Investigated – Latest Info:

  • Carmen Rios (@c_rios) who calls herself a “raging lesbian feminist” who is (a) communications coordinator for the Feminist Majority Foundation, and (b) a columnist for the lesbian blog Autostraddle, puts out her latest spin, “Hi, we’re Lesbian feminists and we’re here to talk to your daughter about sex”.

Sex Tweet

Or how about this

  • Apparently, as I reported above, Planned Parenthood is so desperate for business and their bottom line, they’ll cover up statutory rape to get it. Thanks to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), the Arizona Health Services Department may finally have cause to investigate America’s largest abortion business. According to reports, a Tempe clinic failed to report the sexual assault of an underage girl — one of a dozen possible victims of a local sexual predator. The young girl’s mom told investigators that the counselor “intentionally mislabeled the pregnancy” as a consensual encounter, because she “didn’t want the hassle” of reporting it.

“Planned Parenthood’s main concern should be the safety of young girls,” said ADF attorney Natalie Decker, “not the size of its profit margin. Sadly, this is not an exception, and Planned Parenthood is abusing more than just taxpayer dollars.”

  • Can they explain the neglect and horrible choices that killed Tonya Reaves at a PP Chicago clinic?
  • Can they explain why they have on staff and continue to support physicians who are being sued for negligence for a botched abortion that took place while the clinic was on probation for supplying abortions to underage teens without parental consent?

Just one of these is one too many!

Amid the controversy of Richards speaking to the graduating students of Barnard College, there were some reactions of shock and strong disagreement. One would hope the powers to be would consider the feelings of all graduates, not just those who might think the same way they do.

Barnard’s introduction to the graduation video on their website showed clearly they were not particularly happy with Richard’s appearance stating: “Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards urged graduates to be activists, troublemakers, and agitators”, something she herself has always done. Richards went on to applaud the controversy of PP and applaud the founder Margaret Sanger.

I wonder why Richards fails to speak to the facts that Sanger was an atheist, militant socialist (her husband Wm introduced her to this), Marxist, racist, occultist, and a believer in promiscuous sex.

Sanger, having been referred to as the “Mother of the American Abortion Holocaust” and focusing on black Americans to enforce her eugenics, we can only hope that someday they will realize what this whole philosophy has done to their race.

It is a shame that abortion is often regarded as a form of “liberation” but rather often does the opposite to vulnerable women who find themselves in such a situation, and certainly to the unborn children who are victims.

“Someday, maybe, there will exist a well-informed, well-considered and yet fervent public conviction that the most deadly of all possible sins is the mutilation of a child’s spirit; for such mutilation undercuts the life principle of trust, without which every human act, may it feel ever so good and seem ever so right is prone to perversion by destructive forms of conscientiousness.”  Erik Erikson



Those of you who read my postings know I am trying to educate you on the dangers of Charter/Choice/Vouchers. Outside of it being the road to a Federal takeover of education, it is a proverbial “money tree” and they are using your children as “human collateral.” In this posting I have used Florida Charter School Management companies because it is where I live. My suggestion is that you check what is happening with the Charter schools in your state.

Actually some of these charter school management companies do operate in multiple states.

One warm Thursday in July, dozens upon dozens of bankers, hedge fund types and private equity investors gathered in New York to hear about the latest and greatest opportunities to collect a cut of your property taxes. Of course, the promotional material for the Capital Roundtable’s conference on “private equity investing in for-profit education companies” didn’t put it in such crass terms, but that’s what was going on.

Charter schools are booming with the push of the federal and state governments. “There are now more than 6,400 in the United States, up from 2,500 a decade ago, educating a record 2.5 million children,” according to Reuters.

Charter PrivaiCharters have a limited admissions policy, and the applications can be as complex as those at private schools. But parents don’t pay tuition and support comes directly from the school district in which the charter is located. This is the same $$ allotted to each child attending a regular public school only at a lessor percentage. They are also lucrative, attracting players like the specialty real estate investment trust EPR Properties(EPR). Charter schools are in the firm’s $3 billion portfolio along with retail space and movie megaplexes.

Charter schools are frequently a way for politicians to reward their cronies. In Ohio, two firms operate 9% of the state’s charter schools and are collecting 38% of the state’s charter school funding increase this year. The operators of both firms donate generously to elect Republicans.

The Arizona Republic found that charters “bought a variety of goods and services from the companies of board members or administrators, including textbooks, air conditioning repairs and transportation services.” Most charters were exempt from a requirement to seek competitive bids on contracts over $5,000.

In Florida, the for-profit school industry flooded legislative candidates with $1.8 million in donations last year. “Most of the money,” reports The Miami Herald, “went to Republicans, whose support of charter schools, vouchers, online education and private colleges has put public education dollars in private-sector pockets.”

Florida also created a major piece of legislation protecting public-private partnerships involved in education and other financial ventures. They also have legislators who vote on charter school legislation while owning or receiving financial gains from charter schools. Legislators in Florida are allowed to sit on Jeb Bush’s foundation (FEE) which includes the state’s commissioner of education. The money flows heavy in Florida.

Don’t misunderstand me – there are other state legislators, state superintendents and commissioners of education from several states along with Arne Duncan, David Coleman, Condoleezza Rice, and Richard N. Haass (Pres. CFR) who are “reformers” on the Jeb Bush Foundation, not just Florida. No matter where they are from you cannot “serve more than one master without hating one and loving the other or holding to one and despising the other”.

Among the big donors: the private equity firm Apollo Group, the outfit behind the for-profit University of Phoenix, which has experimented with online high schools. Apollo dropped $95,000 on Florida candidates and committees.

Lest you get the idea charter schools are a “Republican” thing, they are also favored by big-city Democrats. When 23 public schools closed for good in Philadelphia — about 10% of the total — they were replaced by charters. Charters have a history in Washington, D.C., going back to 1996 and they also have a strong home in Chicago.

They were favored by Arne Duncan when he ran the Chicago Public Schools. In 2009, Duncan rolled out the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” initiative, doling out $4.4 billion in federal money to the states — but only to those states that lifted their caps on the number of charter schools and agreed to play the Common Core Standards game.

After Katrina, New Orleans went totally off the grid opting to make all their schools Charter schools. Is anyone really looking at these schools as to what curriculum they are using? Who is minding the store? New Orleans is riddled with scandals yet they claim their hands are clean.

A recent case study by the Harvard Business School examined the charter school reform efforts in New Orleans. The district is now composed of 70 Recovery School District (RSD) schools managed by the state (including 37 RSD charter schools) and 16 schools managed by the local Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) (including 12 OPSB charter schools). RSD Schools are a result of Act 9 of the Louisiana State Legislature passed in 2003 to manage under-performing schools throughout the state.

Why are they going CHARTER when they too must be aligned to the Common Core Standards? Is it because they have lenient legislation guiding them or maybe it’s as simple as they have fallen for the lies regarding Charter schools because the powers to be certainly do not make public the information on Charter school closures when regular public schools (RPS) are not being closed.

Sadly, they have been accused of manipulating the data and that they are using a different, lower standard of measuring their achievements to make more schools look better. It seems to be making an impact on the quality of education in New Orleans but then there is nothing to compare them to. This reminds me of “suffer the little children.”

Other states have also lowered their standard of measuring their achievements since their “CCS” is not working.

In 2012, the Federal government showed how they support the Charter school system announcing the FY2012 grant competition for the Replication and Expansion of High Quality Charter Schools. I don’t know about your state, but Florida gives really big chunks of grant monies to starting Charter schools – and if they fail – your tax dollars just got flushed down the toilet.

Under the FY2012 appropriations law, Pub. L. No. 112-74, Division F, Title III, the Secretary is authorized to reserve up to $55 million for the replication and expansion of successful charter models.

A quick perusal of the Notice raises at least two questions: (1) If pre-existing successful models are to be replicated, why has the Department included six competitive preference priorities that may necessitate applicants changing their models to be in the running for a grant? (2) Given the grants are to replicate successful models, why give novice applicants extra points? Why not put everyone on equal footing in the competition?

In 2011, Congress voted overwhelmingly (365-54) to approve H.R. 2218, the Empowering Parents Through Quality Charter Schools Act. The bill is the first of a handful of Ed and Workforce Committee measures that reauthorize parts of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Among other things, the legislation makes a number of improvements to the federal charter program to facilitate the replication of greater numbers of high quality charter schools. The legislation revamps the current charter schools’ discretionary grant program, among other things, to give priority to states that do not cap the numbers of charter schools.

Always remember the purpose of the support by politicians who want nationalized education is the fact Charter schools have “UNELECTED SCHOOL BOARDS and “LENIENT LEGISLATION” which is ‘TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.” To better understand what is truly happening, each parent should read their state’s statutes regarding all parts of Charter school implementation, financial support, oversight and certification of the schools and teachers.

Again I remind you, if you are thinking of moving your child from a RPS to a public Charter school, they are both using Common Core curriculums and following the Common Core State Standards where you live.

Ask yourself, “why the lenient legislation for Charter schools”?

The for-profit Charter School management companies are providing everything from back office operations including payroll, contracting with vendors for food services, textbook, etc., to hiring principals and teachers and curriculum control at an enormous cost. So what has been sold to parents and children as local public education innovation are actually national charter-chains, the “Waltmartization” of public education. The Charter schools pay huge management fees to these for-profit businesses.

Over three-quarters of all charter school students are enrolled in a “charter chain school” in the United States. The top four charter operators in Florida for 2013-2014 were:

AcademicaAcademica (100) – This management company is owned by Fernando Zulueta. To put the frosting on the “cupcake”, Erik Fresen, FL. legislator is also the brother-in-law of Zulueta. He also serves on the board of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools along with Jeb Bush, Jr. Fresen not only has financial connections to the charter operator through his architectural firm, but also chairs the FL House Education Appropriations Subcommittee. Previously, Fresen worked as a lobbyist for Academica in the state. Fresen isn’t the only Florida legislator with ties to the company.

State Senator Anitere Flores is the CEO of Doral College, a private college affiliated with a charter school run by Academica. Before running again in 2012, she had stated if she was offered this position she would not run – she did anyway.

The company’s owners carry additional favor through campaign donations. In a 2011 investigation, the Miami Herald noted: State election records show Academica’s owners, Fernando and Ignacio Zulueta, have steered $150,000 in campaign donations to Tallahassee lawmakers and political committees through real-estate companies they have controlled since 2007. The records also show the Zulueta family has donated an additional $75,000 in the past five years, and Academica executives and school contractors donated another $54,000. During that time, the Legislature relaxed rules and passed lenient legislation, some of which was presented and pushed by Fresen. Fresen has also had ethics charges filed against him for his actions in the legislature, but they have always been dismissed.

How can a legislator support and vote on Charter school legislation, make financial gains from a Charter school and sit on the pro-Charter Foundation (FEE) of Jeb Bush’s and be impartial and have the children’s futures at the fore front of their decision making?

Jonnnathan HageCharter Schools USA (CSUSA) – They had the honor last year of having their CEO Jonathan Hage named Florida’s “Man of the Year”. I guess Florida had no one else who could fill those shoes. Before forming this for-profit charter school management company, Hage was the research director for Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Florida’s Future and also served on Governor Rick Scott’s education transition team. Tina Bennett, wife of former Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett, also works for the company.

Emails obtained through a public records request revealed that Charter Schools USA is one of the many sponsors of the Chiefs for Change, a project of Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE) and Hage is also considered one of Bush’s “Reformers.”

For a test, I looked up one of their Charter Schools in Orange Cnty, FL which is a K-8 school. Checking their 2014 budget and taking what they state would be spent for Professional and Vendor services averaged out to give $1,283.93 less per student. They receive $6077.00 for each of the 924 students. They budgeted to spend $42,400 for advertising; $353,512.00 for CSUSA Management fees; $15K for Accounting Services; $161,445.00 Custodial Services; $255,232.00 Contracted Food Service to name a few. This school received an F last year and is still open. Why is that? I could find no where on their website the name of the Principal or how many teachers they have.

Just what do you get for the $353,512 management fees?

Charter School Associates – They currently have 17 schools in Florida and it is owned and operated by Mike and Estelle Strader. As Executive Director of the Center for Education Entrepreneurs, Mike organized Florida’s first state-wide workshop to assist first year operators (Survival Training for Charter Operators) and developed the first “How-To” guide for Florida charter developers (The Florida Charter School Planning Guide).He has presented at national and state conferences including the National Association of Educators in Private Practice, The National Charter School Conference and the Florida Charter School Conference.

They boast the use of a Math curriculum called Mathletics and it is Common Core aligned.

Jason Bryant ImagineImagine Schools – A for-profit Charter School Management Co., Imagine also owns a for-profit real estate development company (Schoolhouse Finance) and a non-profit management company (Imagine Schools Non-Profit). In some places, Imagine run schools dedicate nearly half their operating expenses to rent. The high rent rates not only divert resources from the classroom, the costs pushing some Imagine schools into debt, and sometimes that debt is owed to Imagine’s for-profit arm. (Further criticism)

Jason Bryant, their CEO and President prior to joining Imagine in 2005, worked at AES Corporation. His tenure at AES included operations oversight of multiple power plants in California, leading development efforts in Kazakhstan, and overseeing operations in Brazil and Spain as commercial and financial director. Sounds like a great background for overseeing the education of children. Not!


These are not the small, locally run experimental schools envisioned by the original legislation as told to voters.

The threat of vouchers, wavering support for public education, and bipartisan support for charters has led some unions to start charters themselves. Several AFT chapters, such as those in Houston and Dallas, have themselves started charters. The National Education Association has allocated $1.5 million to help members start charter schools. Proponents claim that charters offer teachers a measure of empowerment, employee ownership, and governance that might be enhanced by union assistance.

The White House on both sides of the political realm has had their fingers in this also. You must ask yourself why are they making our schools i.e., our children’s education, part of the political and business world?

Charter school implementation was one of the main objectives of former President George H. W. Bush. Since that time it seems to have been a “family” affair.

Former President Bill Clinton saw charter schools, with their emphasis on autonomy and accountability, as a workable political compromise and an alternative to vouchers

Others, such as former President George W. Bush, saw charter schools as a way to improve schools without antagonizing the teachers’ union. Bush made charter schools a major part of his No Child Left Behind Act. Despite endorsements, a recent report by the AFT has shown charter schools not faring as well as public schools on state administered standardized testing.

With Jeb Bush deeply in bed with Bill Gates and on a full-time move for Charter schools and Vouchers/Tax Credits for Private and Parochial schools one must wonder what their alternative motives are? Get rich? Power? Control? It certainly is not because they care about our children and their receiving a good education.

Jeb Bush’s web of deceit and deception involves not just the money men, but legislators, state superintendents/commissioners of education, corporate giants and Democrats such as Obama, Arne Duncan, David Coleman and the President of the CFR Haas.

Isn’t it strange how close those on both sides of the fence relate to each other and the same agenda’s? Bill Clinton who looks on G.H.W. Bush as a father figure!

Quick note: Jeb Bush has removed his tab on his web site that formerly named all the Reformers who were both R’s and D’s sitting on his Foundation – backers of the Bush education agenda and most involved in some way with education. Hum! Maybe he thinks we don’t remember who they were.

Outcome-Based Funding

2012 Foundation for Excellence in Education Donations
2013 Foundation for Excellence in Education Donations

More than one opponent to Charter schools have examined the competing claims of success and suggest that most students in charter schools perform the same or worse than their traditional public school counterparts on standardized tests.

Public Accountability for Charter Schools: Common Sense Regulation and Oversight for the Future” May 2014


Data-Mining Systems Are Here to Stay – Pre-K to College and Beyond!

snatching 2Some of you may already be aware of these words spoken by Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN) at the 1989 Governor’s Conference in Kansas. Unless you really listen to the words, you will miss their true meaning. Given the tone of “the powers to be today” in wanting to indoctrinate our children and to eventually make their education be totally under federal control, I think you will find this interesting:

“I want to suggest that you create, in Kansas, a New American School – Brand New American School. I want to suggest that when you do that, you help that new school develop some new goals and new report cards for itself.

I would go down to the maternity ward of the local hospital, or whatever you call the part of the hospital where the nurses are who are there when the babies are born. Find out how many babies are born out of wedlock, how many babies are born with single parents. Just so you know that! I would think the Brand New American School would be year-round, open from 6:00 to 6:00.

A second characteristic might be that these schools will serve children from age 3 months old to age 18. That may be a shocking thought to you; but, if you were to do an inventory of every baby in your community and think about what the needs of those babies were for the next four or five years, you might see that those needs might not be served any other way.

They have to be served in some way and maybe around the school. Or, if you study a little more, you might go back and think the school might have to serve the pregnant mother of the baby in terms of prenatal healthcare….

…teams of teachers. Albert Shanker suggested that maybe there ought to be a team of teachers attached to a child from the day that child arrives in the school to stay with that child all the way to the 8th grade.

All this would mean there would have to be a very professional corps of teachers, wouldn’t it? They’d have to be very, very good because they would have to be dealing with lots of volunteers. We have a big national service feeling in America today. Why aren’t those people working in schools? Well, one reason is it’s hard to handle volunteers!

Please don’t be deceived! Alexander didn’t say these things because he cares about your children or their education. However what he does believe in is CONTROL of them! And the best start is with the babies without 2 parents and then move on to the rest.

 You are aware aren’t you that Florida has her first 24/7 Charter school? It’s something like a private school except tax dollars are paying another Charter School Management “cash cow”.

And since the Federal government has been pushing so hard for not only Charter schools but your babies in daycare from infancy until they enter kindergarten, they knew they would also be able to “SPY” on them through the data-mining process.

Well, it is here – all over the country and they are spying on each and every one of those classrooms – not to see if your child is being mistreated, but to see what they can learn about their homes, parents and family life in general to “re-direct” their thought processes.

Data Mining 2Go here to watch the video of Communist Shirley McCune at the same conference in 1989 explain her ideas about our children and their education. Scary!

 Just why do you think the government so willingly gave all that money to pay for free Pre-K daycare?

Recently, the National Science Foundation awarded a $4.8 million grant to several prominent research universities to advance the use of Big Data in the schools. Those funds by the way came from their annual budget of $7B of your hard earned tax dollars.

 “The project, dubbed “LearnSphere,” highlights the continued optimism that “big” educational data might be used to dramatically transform K-12 schooling. “It also raises new questions in the highly charged debate over student-data privacy. 

Some of us weren’t born yesterday so the fact this federally funded initiative will be led by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, who propose to construct a new data-sharing infrastructure that is distributed across multiple institutions, include third-party and for-profit vendors, comes as no surprise. 

What it should do is anger the heck out of you knowing they are using your money to work at spying on you. Also remember Carnegie has been in bed with pushing education control by the government since before 1934. 

“They” want you to believe that facilitating the sharing and analysis of this information is for research purposes and can lead to new insights about how humans learn, as well as rapid improvements to the digital learning software now flooding schools.”

Oh, and just so you are aware, the Gates-funded “galvanic skin response monitors” are back! Two years ago, it seemed to be a joke but it’s no joke. Researchers are still trying to gauge biometric reactions with sensors placed on students’ skin. 

It’s October – the time of year for witches and goblins and we do have a new monster!

The new MONSTER in the school is Teaching Strategies, LLC., or “TS Gold” and in Florida it has become “Teaching Strategies in Florida”, Florida’s Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Education Program Approved Kit.

  •  This convenient kit combines the essential elements of The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool system—curriculum, assessment, evaluation and implementation, and professional development–into one easy-to-use solution for classroom teachers in Florida. The Kit is an instant resource library for every teacher.
  •  The Creative Curriculum balances teacher-planned and child-initiated learning, emphasizing responsiveness to children’s strengths, interests, needs, and learning styles. Nationally known for being forward-thinking, comprehensive, and rigorously researched, it helps teachers plan and implement content-rich, developmentally appropriate programs that support active learning and promote children’s progress in all developmental areas.
  •  For more details about Florida’s VPK Kit, contact your regional representative, or visit the Florida Department of Education Web site.

Order Your Florida VPK Kit – Call us at 800.637.3652 to order your Florida VPK Kit.

Charlotte Rice  (P) 407-625-5257  Charlotte@PreKSolutions.com

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Kind of looks like this is Florida’s replacement for iBloom!

Michelle Malkin has just let her followers know this is not something that is coming in the future; she is talking about a system that is set up right now.  Other such systems are now operating throughout the country.

TS Gold is busily collecting the most personal information possible from day-care centers/pre-schools/kindergartens and putting it into a data system (which is always vulnerable to being hacked).  Then it is being transmitted to third-party profit-mongers “who are after your child.”

People all over this country are beginning to catch on; many are fighting hard against Common Core. This is an issue that impacts families personally and has the power to destroy children and their future.  We as adults have the responsibility to protect our nation’s children because they are our leaders of the future.

Most states are not in full operation yet, but they are expected to be by the 2015-2016 year.  The full force plan is to cover your children from “birth” through “3rd” grade on this particular system.

What seems to never get quite explained to parents is “What are you intending on doing with all that information on my child and just what is your purpose for doing it?”

The creator’s state it is to be used as an “early assessment” tool in measuring the whole child to include “social, emotional, developmental, physical and cognitive”. Does this mean they are going to decide before they go into kindergarten if they will go to the working fields or college?

This program is totally aligned to the Common Core Standards (CCS) so that means “INDOCTRINATION” from the day they put their hands on our children. Oh, and you might like to know the “Race To The Top” $$ the government gave the grants out for to the states who played the game and according to the “feds” had nothing to do with CCS, is what some states are using to pay for this fiscal monster.

However, TS Gold also received $30M from the RTTT barrel – so we all paid up front!

To read the 2011-2014 Florida “Teaching Strategies GOLD Objectives for Development & Learning” Birth Through Kindergarten go HERE!

Data Mining 3 I am sorry I can’t give you the information for all states, but it is out there for you to find. “They” have been very quiet about this! I would hope you have had your anger raised to the point you will check out your state. Do you remember most of us were told there would be no “data mining” because iBloom was gone after spending the $100M they got from Gates Foundation and Carnegie Corp., (I told you they were bad).

If you go here, you can listen to a “training video” for TS Gold.

Last spring, parent Lauren Coker discovered that TS Gold assessors in her son’s Aurora, Colo., public preschool had recorded information about his trips to the bathroom, his hand-washing habits, and his ability to pull up his pants.

“When she asked if they could opt out of the system,” school officials told her “no.” She pulled her son out of the school and still doesn’t know if or how the data can be removed.

You will find that school officials will not tell you how the information is to be used; who it will be shared with, how long it will be stored or even why we are paying for the time the teacher is grilling the whole class rather than teaching?

Once again I remind you, the ultimate goal is not for improved school performance – it is for the meddling and profit for the Public-Private Partnerships that Obama gave the permission to by changing the FERPA laws. It is also about finding out things about their parents, siblings and general home life. CONTROL! “Cash Cows”!

These are considered “golden records” states Cheri Kiesecker who has fought against the student data mining in CO. She warns this information is to follow your child clear into college if he is lucky enough to get there.

Do you have any idea how much information about your children has been assessed that comes from outside the classroom and spread all over the world?

This is just another web in the Common Core spider and I hope the parents that haven’t been standing up fighting are really still standing up. Our children need someone to fight for them and stop this madness.

This war is not slowing down! Keep your kids home!

This is the scary thing depending on where you live:

  • The Family Center la familia in Fort Collins, CO – they see TS Gold as an “assessment tool enabling to increase their effectiveness. Even more worrisome is the President is a former dolphin trainer and then she went into Social Work.
  • Community School for People Under Six in Carboro, NC – the same company that makes TS Gold makes Creative Curriculum – this school claims the 2 programs allows them to promote their multi-cultural, community-based philosophy. It is CCS aligned. At times they use Americorp volunteers.
  • Collaborative for Educational Services, Northampton, MA – they are an instructional facility which is currently teaching how to us TS Gold.
  • Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL – they state “Parents and providers can help enhance early childhood education in Palm Beach County by participating in a new pilot program.  Our Coalition is partnering with the Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County in establishing Teaching Strategies GOLD®, an online tool to measure a child’s educational gains. The assessment captures data beginning at birth and continues accumulating it throughout the span of a child’s early education experience.”
  • Orange County, Florida Public School District, Orange County, FL – Teaching Strategies Gold (TSG) assessment: This is the research based birth through kindergarten assessment as shown under the Revision of the OCPS Demonstration Project Child Care Centers & School District Community Alignment Project 

You know what I can’t figure out? Why anyone would think a program used for “data mining” is a big deal just because it is “research based” 

What is the research based on to track pre-school children? This makes no sense except it is intrusive without parental permission and someone is making one heck of a lot of money doing it.





ALERT — Obama Signs Executive Order 13295 — Detain Or Quarantine Americans Who Merely Show Signs of “Respiratory Illness”

This is Psych War tactics – the purpose behind the EBOLA fear campaign is to get people vaccinated and the vaccinations are the REAL threat!  (The video of the CDC whistleblower on the MMR Vaccine which the CDC KNEW it caused autism – the CDC falsified the data in 2004). Our male children were the main targets!

 Be Safe Everyone – Keep Your Babies Safe!

This is REALLY getting bad, folks. SERIOUSLY B-A-D!


Ebola 2As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to an executive order that would allow him to mandate the apprehension and detention of Americans who merely show signs of “respiratory illness.”


The executive order, titled Revised List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases, amends executive order 13295, passed by George W. Bush in April 2003, which allows for the, “apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.”


The amendment signed by Obama replaces subsection (b) of the original Bush executive order which referred only to SARS. Obama’s amendment allows for the detention of Americans who display, “Severe acute respiratory syndromes, which are diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.


There is NO mention of EBOLA – so with so many Americans experiencing Bronchial and Lung distress, this leaves Americans wide open to massive detentions or widespread vaccinations of who knows what.


On Tuesday, October 2, 2014 the World Health Organization (WHO) reported there will be no vaccine available for EBOLA until at least the middle of 2015. They are working on 2 different vaccines of which both contain a portion of LIVE virus:


  • One of the vaccines, cAd3-ZEBOV, has been developed by GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. It uses a chimpanzee-derived adenovirus vector with an Ebola virus gene inserted.


  • The second, rVSV-ZEBOV, was developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada in Winnipeg. The license for commercialization of the Canadian vaccine is held by an American company, NewLink Genetics, located in Ames, Iowa. The vaccine uses an attenuated or weakened vesicular stomatitis virus, a pathogen found in livestock, replacing one of its genes with an Ebola virus gene.


Warning!  I personally NEVER take a vaccination made with a live virus and Senior’s and those with young children must be very careful when deciding on receiving a vaccination of which you have no idea what is in it. I did take the pneumonia vaccination which does NOT contain any live virus.


Additionally, the number of vaccine’s they have our children taking at such a young age is not only unreasonable, but child abuse.


In fact, if you home school, you can choose and pick which vaccines are safe for your children and if it was me – I would never give my child the MMR until almost to the age of 5 years old.


Ebola was listed on the original executive order signed by Bush, Obama’s amendment ensures that Americans who merely show signs of respiratory illness, with the exception of influenza, can be forcibly detained by medical authorities.


Although the quarantining of people suspected of being infected with the Ebola virus seems like a perfectly logical move, the actual preconditions for this to happen aren’t restricted to just those suffering from the disease.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has measures to put in place for dealing with an outbreak of a communicable disease which allow for the quarantine of “well persons” who “do not show symptoms” of the disease.


In addition, under the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act, public health authorities and governors would be given expanded police powers to seize control of communications devices, public and private property, as well as a host of other draconian measures in the event of a public health emergency.


When the legislation was introduced, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons warned that it “could turn governors into dictators.”


Yesterday it was reported that Emory University Hospital in Atlanta was set to receive a patient infected with Ebola. A hospital in Germany also accepted an infected patient earlier this week. Some critics have raised concerns about the risk of deliberately importing infected individuals into the west.

Although as sensitive human beings, we are concerned for the health of Ebola patients, but remember, they are contagious for days before they show any symptoms. So why would we leave ourselves open to transcontinental flyers?


Why aren’t they closing down all international flights until this is under control?




Be safe!


How Does Your City, County Or State Operate?

For All As One Or Corruption, Lies & Manipulation?

OctopusThis story refers to Florida, but since we are talking about Agenda 21/UN Sustainable Development as the backdrop to acquiring your land and water rights it applies to you anywhere in America if you own land or intend to buy land.

Florida is faced once again with another Amendment on the ballot to which most people cannot understand what it says or what the clear intention of the amendment is for.

Amendment 1 certainly does not inform you of the dangers of giving the kind of control this Amendment talks about over to the state. It does not tell the voter of the EPA controls behind it or that one of the real dangers in this is that you could lose your land/property.

How? When the state buys up all these land masses they are removing a portion of the tax base from your county’s tax rolls. When your county cannot any longer meet its financial responsibilities they always go back to the taxpayer by raising property taxes. When the property taxes get high enough and you, the property owner can no longer pay your property taxes, what happens? You lose your property.

This amendment also is giving them more control over our waters (they are already regulating rain water), farm lands (if they start taking our farm lands how will we grow food?). When they want to buy your land and you don’t want to sell, they will take it by eminent domain. Look what happened in Orlando so they could have a parking garage for their new soccer stadium. The city could care less if it hurt the people who owned the property.

There is also the backdoor ability to add more regulations on how and what land we can own, what access to water we will have, when and where we can fish – it is all covered in Amendment 1.

“Their” side will tell you what I am stating is untrue and exaggerated. Are you will to gamble with your land and water rights?

Always be leary of any Amendment that is put on an election ballot. “They” claim they received over 700K signatures on their petition to have this amendment added to the ballot. Were you asked to sign it? Do you know anyone who has? Were the signatures vetted? Were there multiple signatures by the same person as with Amendment 8 on the 2012 ballot?

Please Vote NO on Amendment 1 and share this information with your family and friends. Like our Facebook page if you are a user. We need to let “them” know that not all Floridians are asleep at the wheel.

Ugly stories from around America have been surfacing ever since the beginning of this Agenda 21 push with land and water management controls, EPA regulations and Endangered Species Act depriving people access to their property or to be able to build on it, grow your own food or what animals you can keep on your farm.

CA droughtRemember what the people in south Florida, California and the Bundy Ranch have been put through? It can just as easily happen to you and to top it off, “they” are doing all of this with your tax dollars. Amendment 1 allows them to take 33% of the Doc stamps fees to go around the state and buy up land they want to do nothing with but to say you can’t do anything with it either.

They will tell you it is to be sure the water is safe – haven’t they been doing that for years without the control of the water? Why do they need to get their hands on our farm lands and fisheries? Food control or add more fluoride?

The following story is true and the names have been changed to prevent further harassment to the people involved. It is a story of lies, manipulation, corruption and malfeasance of duty by elected officials and those that work for them. This unfortunately is not an unusual story because things like this are happening all over America.

This story is not about the government interfering with your land or water rights, but this certainly could happen to you if you are a businessman and farmers and fishermen are. It is called Control because you Can!

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William’s independent grocery store has been a staple in his mid-western community for decades. William is an industrious and dedicated black business owner operating in a primarily black neighborhood.  He works long stretches and spends hours building community relations to learn his customer’s food preferences.  Because of tough competition, William succeeds by listening.

This is how he stocks the produce and products the community members want most.

William had no idea his business world was about to be upended, when one afternoon a local code enforcement officer entered his store. After small talk, the officer toured the grocery store taking notes on a pad, but saying little.

Several days later, William received notification of a series of code enforcement violations that required mitigation or he would face stiff fines and the possible closing of his business.  The grocer was stunned.  He always played by the rules, but suddenly encountered regulations he never knew existed.  Worse, the mitigation was so costly it could throw him into bankruptcy, or out of business.

Shortly after receiving the violations notice, William had another surprise visit from Beth, one of the town commissioners.  The official informed William that the mayor desired a meeting in his office with only the commissioner, William and the mayor present.

Somewhat suspicious, William agreed to the meeting, and then called his friend Benjamin, another town commissioner.  Beth rebuffed Benjamin’s request to attend the meeting explaining that the towns ‘Sunshine Law” prevents more than one commissioner from meeting officially with the mayor unless the entire board of commissioners was present.  She suggested Benjamin check this with the town attorney, who quickly agreed she was correct.

The day after the “closed door” meeting, the grocer spoke with his commissioner friend and recounted the conversation.

“The meeting was brief”, he said.  “I was told that all of the ‘code violations’ would disappear, if I would simply stock my shelves with healthier foods as outlined by the mayor’s office.  I explained that this was not what my customers wanted and if I tried, they would stop shopping in my store.”

The commissioner and the mayor were unmoved.  Their point was simple.  Either stock my store with the items the town demanded or face bankrupting code violations.  “They warned, if I mentioned the meeting to any other person, my only choice would be to pay the violations.”

With insufficient money to launch a legal challenge, William reluctantly agreed to stock the required products.

It may be comforting to believe this story is an aberration, an unusual occurrence.  But, events like this happen regularly in towns, cities and regions across the nation.

Americans can no longer sink their heads in sand hoping these “isolated” instances won’t affect them.  Corrupt politicians, greedy stakeholders and un-elected regional boards conspire every day to weave a spider’s web of zoning regulations that can easily become bludgeons forcing businesses and homeowners to bend to their will.

Corruption is bipartisan with few boundaries beyond the constraints of personal integrity. This is why community members of all parties must set aside differences, engage in community planning and reject those who would dictate their lifestyles and infringe on their rights.  Working together, we can clean up planning and politics.

Several weeks after the ‘mayor’s meeting,’ the town attorney told Benjamin that he had made an error.  The Sunshine Law did not prevent his attending the meeting after all.



I apologize for not having posted for a while, but there is so much happening in America let alone our world, the time for research and the time for writing seem to be waging this battle of their own.

As you know, from time to time I do share articles and papers written by those whom I trust and personally know. One such person is Karen Schoen – not only a dear friend and committed Patriot, but an ex school teacher who always has her eyes and ears out to pick up on the things that relate back to the education of our children. Such is this article called – In the Shark Tank!

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17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

30, Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

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by Karen Schoen, Florida

Dear Americans:

This past weekend during one of our thunder storms, I had a few minutes to watch a show called  Shark Tank. I love to see the new, innovative ideas from future entrepreneurs…who get a chance to turn their dreams into reality.

I was horrified – as one entrepreneur after another displayed their business ideas – and NOT ONE understood the Cost Analysis that dictates Production!  No Balance Sheets or Projections Analysis are available to predict future expansion for their business Growth!

As a former teacher and business owner, the Red Flags went off in my head: 

How can Business succeed – if Owners do NOT GRASP MATH?

It was then that I started tying the pieces together. Remember:

  • Everything is connected
  • Everything happens for a reason
  • Nothing is random
  • Everything is planned

How does this work?  What are we not told?  What are the Results?


  • Money
  • Power
  • Control

What is the lowest common denominator that affects every American? 

What is the one place that behavior modification can succeed?  

If you answered SCHOOL and EDUCATION, you would be correct!

As a former student from “The New School of Social Research”  mentioned by Glenn Beck as the premier provider of psychological manipulation, let me explain how this works, and this is what I learned:

  1. If you repeat something enough people will believe it to be true.  Emotional Values (aka LIES) can replace facts (aka TRUTH).
  2. If you create scary things people will turn to government for answers. (aka Man Made Climate Control, CO2).
  3. Each child is a commodity and is judged on their ability to produce. Any non-productive individual is a useless eater and can easily be discarded.  Individuality can not be tolerated, for individuals might question their government.  People MUST NOT TALK to each other. (aka group rights) keeping them divided by groups, religion and race makes it easier to strengthen the divide. (aka Separation of Church and State – which does not exist)
  4. Everyone is addicted to something. If you control the addiction, you control the individual.  You can then group addicted people into groups and turn them against each other by withholding the addiction.
  5. Promotion of Political Correctness aka censorship quiets constructive discourse.
  6. School MUST replace family by using immorality, environment and emotion to replace fact and common sense.  AKA teach to the left brain (emotion) leaving out the right brain (fact / truth) 
  7. Indoctrinate – not educate (aka constant testing) to make sure that all answers fit the new behavior pattern.
  8. Replace the ease of math with the confusion of math. Math is a universal language. anyone all over the world can communicate using the truth of math. Math is the one fact that must remain constant.
  9. Interest, inflation, FED, Mortages Fraud, Trade Agreements, QE, National debt, Actual cost of waste, fraud and abuse, conservation, sustainable developments, outsourcing, DEBT are lost on a populace with no understanding of math.  Students are taught the one with the biggest debt wins because someone will work to pay off the debt, America needs illegals to pay off the debt.  JOBS are more important than SMALL BUSINESSES.
  10. Elimination of CIVICS produces Experts (people getting government grants to produce the government desired outcome) who know more than you do because you are ignorant.  Experts should build, develop, manage.  You are too stupid.  All experts and stakeholders have a financial interest in your production, your private property and will “manage” it better than you.


Therefore if math is confused – the result is that communication, problem solving, logical thinking…and common sense are ELIMINATED. 

Parents are not be able to help their children.

Children learn how “stupid” mom and dad are.

Children learn in grades K-12 that humans are the ENEMY of the Earth, that they are worthless, and their voice doesn’t count.  

They are only important as part of the group (aka GROUPTHINK, like Nazi Germany).  Family is of no help, only the school can help. Students are only as good as their ability to work, and are coached to do more for less.

Social Justice indoctrinates that no one can own anything. Only the State can own property, because that is the only way to keep everything “fair” for all. 

We must “redistribute wealth”  by taking from those who have – and give it to those who have not. Of course, you must not expect the Establishment to “share theirs” – only TAKE and SHARE what is YOURS.  

This, of course, makes the Elite richer as they legally steal everything you own (by regulating you out of business) – for the fairness of all – in essence:  SHARED POVERTY!  

“Transforming America” means DESTROYING the Constitution, God, our American culture, and Family – REPLACING it with Government, the UN, and School. 

Nationalism, patriotism, and exceptionalism are key to America’s Survival. 

Transformation eliminates America – in favor of the UN.

Mission accomplished in a Colorado district: AP History: CO school board member proposing ‘patriotic’

On November 4, YOUR vote can make a difference

Do you want an establishment follower of the same old, failed policies – presented by the same people who created this mess?


DO YOU WANT TO USE YOUR VOICE and choose a leader who will tell you the truth, no matter how bad it is and will follow the Constitutional Rule of Law to find solutions protecting all Americans equally? 

VET your candidates wisely.  Follow the money.

Who gives them donations are the people they will favor. 

Do you want a voice – or will you leave your destiny to someone else?